Forensic Cost Analysts

Why Choose Us to Improve Your Cost Program Effectiveness?

There are many consultancies offering Cost Reduction, Expense Reduction, Outsourced Procurement and other variants. This approach only serves to entrench the “typical” company approach to cost management. We are different. We use cost projects to demonstrate a methodology your company can learn and then apply to all aspects of your business in an ongoing program to ensure the gains you make this year are not lost over time.

ADEPT provide innovative strategies and solutions to reduce corporate overheads and this means greater profitability for your company. Because this is our core business we are always able to find cost leakage in all organisations. No company is immune to this, the key is that ADEPT can identify leakage and act quickly to stop you from losing any profit unnecessarily. After a decade in the field and hundreds of clients that have saved money, you are in good hands.

In addition, our consultancy is a "fee for performance" based practice. We believe this provides our clients with the fairest commercial arrangement. Neither party wants to spend time investigating areas that won't produce outcomes. We take you through a complete strategic and forensic analysis process to identify opportunities for cost improvement. If you are convinced what we identify can be implemented we then assist that process as well. Only when quantitative evidence is produced to demonstrate the opportunity has produced savings will you receive a bill for our services based on an agreed % of actual.