Forensic Cost Analysts

Our Fees

There are many consultancies offering strategic procurement advice, tender management services, strategic supply chain consultancy and the like. Some even refer to themselves as cost reduction analysts. These companies generally require fee for service based on effort, or level of reporting requested. Some may include a reward based component but the common theme is they ask you to gain approval to spend money before they analyse whether they can deliver any savings. These organisations effectively replace the strategic procurement function in your business.

Because we offer Forensic Cost Analysis and find cost issues strategic procurement processes typically miss, we put our "money where our mouth is". We offer all the services these other companiesper form but include forensic analysis unique to our business and only ask a fee when we have delivered real cash based savings.

One of the best features of the ADEPT service is that we do all the work without costing your organisation any of your own money.

  • No up-front fees

  • No part payment or report payment

  • No need to allocate money from your budget

Our fee is derived from the cost savings that we find with your current suppliers. The fee is only ever a percentage of the savings we have found, so your suppliers are the ones footing the bill.

The key benefits of this approach to fees are:

  • No capital or operational expense approvals to initiate a project.

  • No cash-flow implications of fees as we only invoice when a supplier invoice has generated a saving, and the cash-flow, to warrant payment.

  • You can be confident that if we progress a project beyond the initial category analysis, there is a high likelihood of a successful outcome.