Forensic Cost Analysts

At ADEPT we provide three key services to ensure you achieve the best market pricing for indirect expense and eliminate duplicate payments to suppliers across all expense categories.

Cost Reduction Sustainability Assessment

This process commences with a high level self-assessment conducted by your senior management team. The outcome is a good indication of where you sit compared to best-of-class cost reduction. Based on the outcome we are then all in a position to understand the magnitude of potential opportunity.

We then conduct a strategic analysis of potential opportunities and where your methodology can be enhanced to match best-in-class approaches before a set of projects are selected for forensic analysis to teach your teams the methodology.

Forensic Cost Analysis

If Forensic Cost Analysis is a new term for you, link here for an explanation.
This is a strategic procurement consultancy with a difference. You only pay a fee if we achieve real bottom line savings. We maintain expertise in a broad range of non-production type expenses and typically generate savings of 10-50% in at least two categories while at the same time improving the service level of suppliers.
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Contract Compliance & Overpayment Recovery

This is a service we routinely undertake when running a cost reduction assignment. Because we build transactional models for cost reduction analysis, it becomes logical to assess prior contract compliance. Any overpayments identified then become supplier rebate claims automatically.
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